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Thanks for stopping by and taking your valuable time to checkout my blog!

I created this blog to share my experiences working on IT projects with you. Hopefully you’ll find some useful nuggets of information to help you with your projects. Of course, this blog is also a two-way street where I can learn from your experiences to improve and expand this small “body of knowledge”.

In the course of this blog I’ll delve into my experiences working on projects since I began my career in Information Technology way back in 1982. I may delve into the particulars of certain organizations that I’ve worked with and they way they managed (or, in some cases, mismanaged) their IT projects. I will strive to remain objective in those discussions and the opinions I express are those of my own and not of the referenced organizations. I’ll remind you of that when we come to those discussions.

I’ve kicked around the term “IT project management” in this posting, but projects do not live on their own. They exist in a program construct, and I’ll occasionally veer into the program management swim lane. Also, I’ll weave Agile development into the conversation since, in a very real sense, Agile is upsetting the application of “traditional” project management to software development projects.

So, buckle-up your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

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